Thursday, November 8, 2012

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" Dreams & Goals Are Outside of Comfort Zone.... Break it!!! "

Monday, August 29, 2011

2/3 of 2011 gonez.... what have you achieved??

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Ask yourself this question, 2011 has already left with only 4 months to go.... what have you done? Are you doing things that are bringing you closer towards your goal or drifting further away from what you want? Are you taking the necessary steps to make contact, talk to people whom you want to know, meet up with old friends, talk to your family, tell someone about your dreams and goals, making things happen???

Life is that simple actually, it's either you are driven by things that you want(PULL), or driven by things or circumstances that you do not want(PUSH)... it's all about balance isn't it...

Come Oct 26th, i'll be heading to shanghai for company trip for 4 days 3 night with manulife. It's a kind of appreciation for the hard work being put in during the past 8 months... but the game is not over yet, we must always aim higher and for the unexpected, which others didnt thought that you could do it;

" Tell yourself you can do it or not, either way you're right!!! "

Something that i learned during my ups and downs in this business; Staying positive might not bring you the results that you want, but staying negative will definitely kill off all opportunities and results that u strive to achieve. Hence, i always take things lightly as i truly believe in the things that i do for others. Just like luck, others always blame it on luck, whether good or bad, but eventually it boils down to 2 things; preparation and opportunity, as i believe that luck is merely preparation meeting opportunity, as we need to be always prepared for chances when it comes, grab it and woohoo!!!

Still alot of things to be achieved, and recently there're also good news within the down days as well;
1. HDB finally approved my Housing Loan for my yishun flat, *phew... now can relaxed a bit and wait for signing of lease to arrive and pick a good day to sign!!! Hahaha
2. I struck TOTO.... so heng
3. Things like looking brighter in work and personal life
4. Building more networks around me
5. Going for my graduation photo taking with family this coming weekend!!!
6. Achieved my 30% tier of bonus for august!! hoooray!!!!

It's always good to share good news with friends who are still reading my blog, i thank you guys for the support; nevertheless, let's work hard towards the end of the year before 2012 comes and achieve all our goals and dreams together!!

Jiayou!!! Quoting from one of the greatest motivator Paul. J Meyer, he said that:

"If you don't have discipline, you have NOTHING!" Work hard and aim high!! =)

" Dreams & Goals Are Outside of Comfort Zone.... Break it!!! "

Sunday Afternoon with my family.... =)

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" Dreams & Goals Are Outside of Comfort Zone.... Break it!!! "

Friday, April 22, 2011

Updates about me...

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Have been working non stop since the end of Chinese New Year.... with all the new challenges for the year, i can't help but look back and review what have i done right or wrong, i'm glad i did that no just for work, but for friends as well, relationships, communications, family, and also for myself.

For work, things are starting to move on and i'm more independent to do things in a logical way, helping existing clients achieve the kind of financial planning that they need, planning something within their budget and helping people around me; family, friends, mere acquittances to fulfill what they need.... I'm appreciate the fact that i'm in such a position to help people realize what kind of financial planning they had done and what adjustments are needed for them at the moment, it's always difficult to convince people but it's a challenge.... i truly believe; "As long as you're sincere enough, people will sense/see/feel the effort put in to help them."

For friends, i can say that although i know more people as day passes by, all of us only need 2 to 3 true friends who will tell u upfront if your face is dirty or so; i have been connecting to friends on a much more personal level than before and i appreciate and thankful for this arrangement, i'm able to know my friends better and also know the way i communicate with the people around me, it's amazing to become very observant and to spot out patterns from it.

For family wise, after moving out from yishun, i truly understand the kinds of feeling how my parents feel for me; like for example, my mum will actually tell me to eat at home even though she knows sometimes i'm busy to go home, hence i make an effort to go home at least once per week, to see my cute niece and nephews.... and also my parents and siblings... I have also made a huge effort to organize outings(which i'm quite pro at now) to go for a short genting trip in end june, i hope it can be a huge success to: 1. know my relatives better, 2. Not just meetup with relatives only on CNY, it's a limiting belief and it should be discarded, 3. Bring my parents overseas!! (*Althought my dad needs to work, hence only my mum can go with me) I totally believe that the sole purpose of this trip will drive me to achieve the results that i want....

For me, ahsun, i managed to convince myself that i deserve a rewarding career and the kinds of success that i defined as attaining most of my personal goals; Learning NLP, making it to the top production agents, Consistent activities for my business, Learning how to invest and use my $$$ to put into work, buying my car by end of this year. All these are achievable only if i feel that i deserve them;
- I finish my NLP Practitioner Course
- I'm generating more activities for my biz
- I'm going to attend investing course in options trading this coming aug(Excited!!!!)

AS of today, i'm still fighting for what i want in life because i feel that i deserve those success which i list down for myself. If you think hard enough, what you think might just come true. Therefore, always think positively and create positive outcomes from whatever event that we face!!!

Be hungry everyone!!! =)

" Dreams & Goals Are Outside of Comfort Zone.... Break it!!! "